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 Jocelyne Picot, Author


Over the next months  will be presenting the book in webinars and in a number of different locations  across Canada. Come and meet me and get your book signed.  Together, let us discuss how we can successfully adopt tele-health everywhere to help people who need better access to care.

Proposed locations:


Bathurst, NB

Moncton, NB

Saint John, NB


Montreal - McGill





Montreal Atwater Club


email me to indicate your preferred location:

Better communications for better access to health care.

INFOTELMED COMMUNICATIONS, one of Canada's well-known consulting and applied research companies specializing in planning, evaluating and designing tele-educational materials about telehealth is now  focussed on developing products that provide  information to the general public about telehealth in a new book through stories from around the world. Be the first to obtain this book by emailing


                                                   NEW BOOK ABOUT TELEHEALTH NOW AVAILABLE

This book is available now in hard copy and soon as an e-book. What is it about?

  • Canada was an early adopter of telehealth and e-health  due to the large distances that separated people from medical advice and health professionals far away. 
  • Today, telehealth is more than simply connecting patients and providers over large distances: 
  • Using different systems, telehealth combined with e-health,   
  •     facilitates emergency rescues and access to information,
  •     permits ongoing monitoring at home for patients with chronic diseases, 
  •     helps aging health care consumers live at home independently,
  •     shortens wait times to treatment and diagnosis
  •     increases personal awareness with reference to healthy lifestyles
  •     permits digital images to be stored, retrieved and transferred across the miles 
  •     accelerates access to advice, information and care.
  • Through many examples - from emergency rescues at sea to tele-counselling , the book shows the impact telehealth is having on patients, and health care professionals worldwide.
  • The examples and stories in this book will open the reader's eyes and surprise even knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.